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Your monthly car subscription

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Everything is covered with car subscription!

Vehicule tax
Vehicle tax
Car inspection

Delivered at home in 5 days only

Complete our 5 minutes form 100% online and your car will be delivered to your doorstep within 5 days!
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Delivered at home within 5 days!

Complete our 5 minutes form 100% online, and your car will be delivered to your doorstep within 5 days😍

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Save $1,000 per year by subscribing to your car

No more vehicle tax or maintenance... With subscription, everything is included in your monthly payment. From now on, save an average of 1,000 dollars per year.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a car subscription service?

A car subscription service is a monthly subscription that will allow you to have a car without committing 🤩.
It is different from leases that have 24 to 36 months of commitment, require a hefty down payment.  

Your subscription includes 👇

- A monthly rental of the vehicle of your choice
- Registration
- Routine maintenance (Oil/brakes/tires change)
- Vehicle tax
- Vehicle inspection  

Is it really all in coverage?

Yes : registration, maintenance, vehicle tax and vehicle inspection are all included in your monthly subscription👌.

Take a look at our table above and see why subscription is so beneficial.

Who can subscribe to a car subscription?

To be accepted in our service, you must be over 25 years old, have an address within our serviced area, have a good driving record and credit history 🧐 (credit score required: 580 or above).

How can I unsubscribe from my car?

It is very simple.  

You have to give us notice if your wish to cancel your subscription at least 10 business days before the end of your billing cycle 🗓️. 

To do so you can call us at +1 888-625-2549 or email us at  

We will then get in touch with you to coordinate the vehicle return 🚗.

How many additional drivers can I add?

You can add up to 1 additional driver free of charge. Similar to the main driver, the additional driver will need to fall within our history eligbility criteria, as outlined above.   We will ask you to provide the additional driver's personal info in order to perform a driving history check. This option is free of any charge 🤗.

What is the process around vehicle delivery?

Once you've been accepted in the service and signed your contract ✍️, we will start preparing your car. Upon tour documents being approved, an advisor will contact you to coordinate your delivery time, date, and location.

What are the accepted payment methods?

As of now the only payment method we accept is credit card 💳.

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